Welcome to Seayouarefree

Welcome to Seayouarefree


About Us


Fashion, Film, Music & Artist Collective supporting sustainable design to help rid our oceans of plastic pollution and provide clean water.

Based in the heart of Venice, California, Sea You Are Free started out as a small group of friends growing up in the west coast surf, skate and street industry. They joined forces and creatively fused fashion, music, art and film that grew into a network of like-minded creatives. 

The love affair between music, art, culture and fashion has united the talent group Sea You Are Free. The boundaries between these worlds are often blurred, with musicians, designers, and artists collaborating creatively together. Collaborations keep the creative control in the hands of the individual, while generating inspiration from a larger range of influences. The collective view of the group, as well as the individual mind-sets, facilitates the evolution of the brand’s perspective and in doing so, overcomes a potentially limiting idea of what the brand represents. By collaborating with musicians, designers, artists and environmentally conscious individuals and organizations, Sea You Are Free continues to develop in many ways.


Philanthropic Partnerships & Collaborations

We partner with global brands and organizations in order to increase public awareness about educational, environmental and social impact for a sustainable lifestyle.


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Venice, California United States

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